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Take a look below for the list of all of the workshops that we currently offer to help you with your real estate investing journey!
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Anthony Chara's
1-Day Workshops
Multiple Dates in 2024
1- Day Workshop Multiple Dates In 2024

Wouldn’t you like to know why some people find it easier to buy an Apartment Complex than a single family home? Come learn how they do it and get in on some terrific cash flow. 

Join Anthony Chara in your city to learn more about how you can get started with little to no money out of pocket to start your apartment investing career!

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Deal Structuring Workshop 

Making a deal successful has many parts that have to be aligned in order to come out on top. What type of people do you need for your deals to be successful? What are the simple but rarely used methods that you can use to double your returns? How do you compensate credit partners, experience partners, money partners, etc?

Join Gold Coach, Scott McCaig, as he helps you learn how to ' structure your deals for success for only $997 or person or $1197 to attend virtually!!

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Scott McCaig's
Deal Structuring Workshop
March 15-16 2024

Scott McCaig's
Due Diligence Workshop

Due Diligence Workshop 

Our Due Diligence 202 class is the PERFECT complement to our 4-Day AIM Boot Camp! If you haven't been to a boot camp in a while or have just attended one, now more than ever you need to brush up on your Due Diligence! (Having attended our 4-Day Apartment Investing BC is helpful, but not required to attend this Workshop.)

Gold Coach, Scott McCaig, will do an IN DEPTH walk-through of some of the most important factors such as market research, seller documents, communication with brokers and more! While navigating your deals through this pandemic, he will show you how to use his Due Diligence Timeline to make sure you stay focused during this critical process! This workshop is only $597 when you sign up with our Super Early Bird Pricing!!!

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Asset Management Workshop

You’ve asked for it and we are thrilled to announce our new class, “Asset Management”. Sue Chara will be sharing all of the “must knows” for asset management specifically for your multi-family investments. This unique two-day class is for anyone who wants to know what an asset manager does or for any current asset managers who want to improve their performance.

Join Sue Chara as she helps you learn how to take control over your assets for only $595 with Super Early Bird Virtual Pricing.

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Sue Chara's
Asset Management Workshop


Jillian Sidoti's
Raising Private Money Workshop

Raising Private Money Workshop

Where can you find the money you need RIGHT NOW when the economy is going through changes daily? My SEC attorney Jillian Sidoti will teach you how to position yourself this summer so that your capital raising efforts are EFFECTIVE! She'll even share a comprehensive list of documents that you MUST have in order to protect YOURSELF and your investors!! 

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