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Sue Chara's Biography
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Sue was born and raised in the Waterloo, Iowa area and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Finance with minors in Accounting and Economics from the University of Northern Iowa (1985) and a MBA from the University of Phoenix (1993). In 1985 she moved to Colorado and started her corporate career in finance administration and support centers. After several staff positions, she moved into senior management with process improvement, system implementation and operations responsibilities for several industries including telecom, software development and healthcare. When she left her most recent corporate position she was Director of shared services for a 100 person team with an annual budget of $6M.

Sue’s real estate experience began in her teens when her parents converted their primary residence into a rental. Mom and the five kids were responsible for cleaning/painting/minor repairs any time the property was vacant. Since 1993, Sue and her husband have owned and managed ten single family homes in multiple states utilizing the forms and processes they developed. In 2004, she began assisting Anthony with his apartment mentoring and investing businesses, which currently is approximately 1200 doors. During these past three years, in addition to managing their personal real estate assets, Sue has also performed asset management duties for two additional properties by other investor groups.

Sue is married to Anthony Chara and they live in Centennial, Colorado along with their two Alaskan Malamutes, Mallie & Sadie. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and climbing 14er’s in the Rockies.

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