Monthly Apartment/Commercial Owners/Investors Luncheon

I have a monthly networking event each month in the Denver metro area. I rotate the meetings each month between the north and south ends of town. This is a non-selling event. Come network with other like-minded investors and learn how to take your deals from 1 or 2 SFH’s a year to 10-20-30 units or more each year.

Because the main focus of this group is networking, we’ve had many people introduced to their new ‘partners’ and they have completed multiple deals!! Some people have money, others are looking for money. Some have deals, others are looking for deals. Your Net Worth is directly proportional to your Network!!!

I do try to bring a guest educator to each monthly meeting too. So once you and everyone else has a chance to introduce themselves and let everyone know what you need or have to share with the group, the guest expert will teach you some advanced topic like; tenant law, deal structuring, goal setting, entity structuring, finding private money or even 1031 exchanges, just to name a few topics. So come join us each month for a new topic, have some good food, meet some great people/partners and increase your net worth all at the same time.

Meetings in January, March, May, July, September & November are held near I-25 and 104th Ave.

Meetings in February, April, June, August, October & December are held near I-25 and Arapahoe Road.

For details on either meeting or to receive email invites each month (you must RSVP to save a seat as they usually fill up fast) just send an email with your name and phone number to asking to be put on the email list for these events. Or, you can click this link and join the MeetUp group for these meetings:   If all you do is join the MeetUp group, you won’t get any other information or emails about anything except these Luncheons.

Apartment/Multi-Unit Buying Basics

Apartments are a great investment during the current Real Estate market. Many people that are having their homes foreclosed upon, are moving back to what they are comfortable with and that’s Apartments. Vacancy rates are falling in ‘C’ class apartments which means values are rising, at least in our apartments anyway!!

Speaking of foreclosures, there are quite a few apartments being foreclosed on too. Many people have asked me, “Anthony, why would I buy an apartment complex if so many are being foreclosed upon?” My reply, “Just like SFH’s there are Apartment owners that get in over their heads. They don’t take the necessary steps to put in the right tenants and get rid of the bad tenants quickly. Some don’t put the necessary money back into the property to keep it looking nice and up to date. They just siphon off all the profits and before you know it their vacancy has jumped, the value has dropped and it’s time to refi their mortgage. It’s the ultimate trifecta. The complex no longer qualifies for the same financing and the owner finds themselves upside down and the bank may foreclose on them.”

What a great opportunity for those of us that have the knowledge and experience to capitalize on this situation!! If you miss this RE market tsunami you’ll be kicking yourself in a few years.

Learn how and why you should be investing in Apartments. I’ve taken my very popular 1-Day Apartment Investing Workshop and put it into a 6-week webinar series. The class starts anytime you’re ready to go because they’re self-paced. Plus, you can watch the videos over and over again to let all the great information sink in.

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