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June 30th, 2020
"Did you know that there will likely be more VAP properties available later on in the year? This could be a lucrative situation for knowledgeable and informed buyers. Join me as I have an in-depth discussion with Inner Circle Gold Coach Dave Sanchez.
July Student Success Story

"In 20 years of investing, taking classes and going to seminars, I have never taken a better class! The information was based on the instructor’s direct experience and immediately helpful with my investments. I will recommend this class to many other investors."

Ray has attended the following courses: 4-Day Boot Camp, Due Diligence 202 Workshop & Value Add Properties Workshop.

Ray Durbin

Denver, CO - Inner Circle Platinum Member
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Come see us online in our virtual classes this summer or come back and join us in the classroom later in the year! These are all of our upcoming events.

Asset Management with Sue Chara - Denver, CO

December 5 -6, 2020

Virtual Live Stream Apartment Investing Boot Camp

March 18 - 21, 2021

Virtual Monthly Apartment Luncheon Webinars

Take a look below to watch our previous apartment luncheon monthly webinars! We are holding these luncheon's virtually for the time being and they are great way to stay informed and network with like-minded people that want to learn more about Apartment/Multi-Family/Commercial investing.

OCTOBER 20, 2020
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Learn Why Rich People Keep Their Money Moving & Don't Pay Off Their Mortgages

During our October luncheon I showed you why paying off your investment properties, may not be the best strategy! Yes, I know, this thought process is in conflict with what most people tell you.

Most of the extremely rich people I know NEVER plan to pay off their mortgages. They plan to keep trading up until the day they die. Join me on this month's Virtual Luncheon to find out why they want to keep their money moving and never pay off a mortgage!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
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Security Deposit Insurance to Set You Apart From Your Competition

Our September luncheon hosted Mr. Hank Teran. Hank works for a company called Rhino that offers low cost Security Deposit Insurance. Instead of someone paying a full month's rent or more as a security deposit, they can apply thru Rhino and pay around $5-$15 a month!!

This is a huge savings. Especially, for some C Class properties where the residents are potentially having cash flow issues and have a hard time coming up with larger deposits

AUGUST 18, 2020
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Watch Over Your Property From Anywhere in the World with VDO Intel!!

Our August luncheon invited  Eric Schweitzer with VDO Intel. His company offers low cost Remote Video Surveillance that allows you to keep an eye on your property all night long for a low cost with motion activated cameras and live monitoring from dusk to dawn or longer.

Eric shared with us how this service works and how it can help you protect your property and allow your residents to feel more secure about their 'home'. One of my students is saving $3600 a month with VDO Intel compared to the security service they used to use.

JULY 21, 2020
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Get Your Life Back & Grow Your Real Estate Business at the Same Time!

In July we hosted my friend Adam Adams, who has 5 full time virtual assistants, who taught us how to get out of our own way, and join the new rich with virtual assistants (AKA "VA's").

Adam trusts his VA's to pay bills, do bookkeeping, take calls, handle social media, book travel, refill prescriptions, edit his YouTube page & podcasts, manage emails, vet clients, and more.

Just one trick that Adam will teach you has helped others create hundreds of thousands of dollars of value for their apartment community.

JUNE 16, 2020
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Revenue Growth Strategies

For June we brought in Evan J. Hoffman with Incisive Solutions. Evan is the Principal & Chief Strategist of Incisive Solutions, providing revenue growth strategies to the multifamily industry. He has been employing optimization techniques, pricing various "widgets" and helping companies grow revenues for 20+ years. 

MAY 19, 2020
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Annual State of the Apartment Market

In May we featured Adam Riddle with Nexus Commercial Realty. Adam gave us our Annual State of the Apartment Market update. This is one of our most popular luncheons that's super informative for anyone involved Real Estate Investing.

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