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Due Diligence 202 
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Don't waste time trying to figure it out on your own.

Scott is thrilled to teach our Due Diligence 202 class. This is a class packed full of information designed to complement the information you learned in our 4-day boot camp.

Scott is one of our Inner Circle Gold Coaches and is dedicated to giving you information pertaining to your success! Read his bio here:

Scott McCaig's Bio

Due Diligence Applies To ALL 
Due Diligence is a vital part of success in your deals. Without it, you will run into countless frustrations and lose an exceptional amount of money. With it, you will be unstoppable with your real estate knowledge and avoid costly obstacles that regularly occur during deals.

Below are some of the most common questions that might occur during your real estate deals - all of these questions & more will be answered by Scott during his June 2-3 in person class!!
SO, you are Under Contract, CONGRATULATIONS, now what? 
  1. How do I verify all the assumptions I made for my offer?
  2. What happens when things are not as assumed?
  3. What is the process to make your purchase successful?
  4. What are the common pitfalls and how do you navigate through them?
Due Diligence For
Passive Investors
  1. How do I know the Sponsor knows what they need to know?
  2. Who’s responsibility is it to look after my money?
Why Is Due Diligence So Important?
You have a fiduciary responsibility to your own financial growth to minimize the many risks involved with investing, especially when you are the steward of other peoples’ money by accepting investors funds.

What you do not know you do not know will often cause great hardships in your future when you undertake this type of investment. Please do not make yourself a victim by short cutting your verification of the facts and details of the transaction.
Come join us and have Scott:
  •  The top two ways to leverage what the seller tells you into more dollars!!
  • The secret way to reduce how much money you'll need to raise.
  • How to magically generate more time in Due Diligence!
  • The three must-do's to make sure you can to sleep at night during Due Diligence!!
  • How to avoid the number one reason good deals don't close.
Scott Makes Due Diligence Easy To Understand & Follow

Due diligence is the audit and investigation that a reasonable businessperson is expected to take before purchasing an investment.  To establish its history, assets and liabilities, and to evaluate the level of risk versus its commercial potential. A comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to establish its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.

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Proven techniques with TONS of data to back it up
Scott will be including his very detailed Due Diligence timeline that shows how all of these activities fit together and which items should to be completed to minimize your costs at each point along the timeline.

During class, he will teach you (with real life examples) how to follow the timeline and what steps you need to complete each way in order to maximize your profit during your deals. This vital document will be a step-by-step guideline you can follow to get the results that you need.
Our Students Have Taken This Class & Have Had GREAT Success With These Methods & Tools!
"I was interested before but Scott really helps you dig in to the nitty gritty to figure out everything about what Due Diligence actually requires."
Lisa Huber
Lancaster, PA
"A perfect builder off of his Deal Structuring Workshop....really helps you put all the pieces together to be successful"
Hassan Akinbiyi
Scottsdale, AZ
Due Diligence is the first step to
protecting yourself against common mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars
Taking the necessary steps now will get you the results to make 2025 your most lucrative year of deals yet! 
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