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Anthony Chara's
1-Day Apartment Workshop
Multiple Dates in 2022
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Come Learn How To Invest in Apartments!!!
If you are new to apartment investing there is no better place to start than my 1-day workshop! I will go over some of the basics you need in order to get started!!
Anthony Chara's 1-Day Workshop

Anthony is founder of $uccess Classes and President of Apartment Mentors LLC. Anthony’s specialty as an international speaker and educator is teaching regular people how to successfully invest in Apartment Buildings.

He’ll show you why apartments/multi-units make sense in today’s market, how to buy with no money down and how not to get screwed by a seller!!

Wouldn’t you like to know why some people find it easier to buy an Apartment Complex than a single family home? Come learn how they did it and get in on some terrific cash flow. 2 of Anthony Chara’s recent students purchased a 150 unit complex in Louisiana with about $2000 out of pocket. Would you like to know how they did it?

Then come to his 1-Day workshop!

What you’ll learn at the 1-Day Apartment Workshop:

  • Advantages & Disadvantages of Apartments
  • How you actually have more control over the value of your Apartments than with SFH’s
  • Lingo You Need to Know
  • Key Ratios Used in Valuing Apartments
  • Analyze the Numbers on Real Complexes
  • Bring your own deals to analyze live in the workshop!!!

Upcoming 1-Day Workshop Schedule

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Would you like to 'attend' my 1-day workshop in the comfort of your home?

You can download my one-day workshop to your home computer and learn at your own pace!! You'll receive over 6 hours of video in webinar format including 2 hours showing you how I analyze and make adjustments to 5 individual properties.

Videos also include detailed explanations on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Apartment investing, differences between Apts. and SFH’s, Key Terms investors need to understand and practice exercises to teach and reinforce key calculations you must know about Apts!!!

Click below to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD my 1-day workshop (approx 450MB) for only $97!!!

Click below here to purchase my 1-day Apt Workshop as a USB Flash Drive that comes with a Printable Workbook for $197 (+ $7.95 S&H)

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