Scott McCaig's 
Deal Structuring
March 15-16, 2024
In Denver, In-Person & Virtual!!!
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Structure Your Deals For Success!!!
One of my Inner Circle Coaches, Scott McCaig, is not only going to be taking over for me teaching this class – but he added an extra day and packed it full with information designed to help you be the most successful at getting the investment results you are looking for!
Deal Structuring
Do you know how to compensate credit partners, experience partners, money partners, etc? Do you even know all the people you may need in your deals to be successful? Do you have the right software to help you successfully analyze and ‘split’ your deals?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you need to learn this training that will get you on your way to better deals and higher profits! 

Here Are Some Of Our Past Students

Who Attended Our Deal Structuring Workshop!!

"I realized I still had a lot of questions after Anthony's boot camp and needed to come to Scott's class to get the rest of my questions answered."
Riel Green
Atlanta, GA
"There are two ways to do things - the easy way and the hard way. Coming to Scott's class is the easy way to learn the tools you need to be successful"
Alex Vine
Colorado Springs, CO
"I've been to a number of workshops and this is some SERIOUS Value. Honestly, everyone is going home with brains full..."
Stephen Kleyn
Colorado Springs, CO
"He went at a pace where we could understand...The tools we got are excellent...If you have not been you've got to come!"
Mkale Warner
Denver, CO
"It was a mind blowing experience - we got some AWESOME tools from Scott. I highly recommend this to anyone investing in apartments."
Vern Harris
Centennial, CO
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Denver, CO
March 15-16, 2024
I Want to Attend LIVE IN PERSON in Denver, CO - $597
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