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Jillian Ivey Sidoti's Biography
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Jillian Sidoti is an current money raising advisor, speaker, entrepreneur, mama, and former securities attorney & college professor. Forever focused on finding the best and least challenging path for entrepreneurs to find funding for their deals, Jillian has written equity and debt offerings for all kinds of industries including real estate, biotech, film, software, alcoholic beverage, cannabis, and green tech. Jillian's client list includes Anthony Chara, Than Merrill of AE's Flip this House, Tarek El Moussa of Flip or Flop, David Gross (Nipsey Hussle), Bigger Pockets, Insitu Biologics, and Biolife4D.

Jillian is the author of the Crowdfunding Myth, debunking the myths surrounding crowdfunding. As a public speaker, Jillian often offers fun and relatable content that leaves the audience with a deeper understanding of the legalities of and psychology behind raising capital. Her signature talk, "Private Money Rockstar," draws from Jillian's previous experience in the music industry with the intention of empowering the entrepreneur to be a money raising Rockstar.

Jillian is the founding partner of Crowdfunding Lawyers, LLP. Established in 2014, Crowdfunding Lawyers, LLP clients have gone on to raise over $4 billion in capital.

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