Apartment Mentors’ Apartment Investing Mastery Class Testimonials


Apartment Purchase – John Recob (4 mins)



Apartment Purchase – John Recob Interview Full (21 mins)



Apartment Purchase – Jeff Young



Apartment Purchase – Randy Hubbs



Apartment Purchase – Dave Sanchez



Apartment Purchase – Tim Depp



Apartment Purchase – Peggy Shupe


Apartment Purchase – 12-Unit Aurora, CO
Doug Till & Scott McCaig



150628 Jim L.



150628 Jason & Sariah Lawrence



150628 Jason V.



150628 Eitan F.



150628 Guillermo Gaitan



150628 Charlene Liu & N. Wang



150628 Derek R.



150628 Adriana Bustos



150628 Carla Montenegro



150419 Shon D



150419 Ray Cobb



150419 Sherry Ramer



150419 Mike Jablonski



150419 N. Mertens



150419 Kathryn Clinton



150419 Jennifer O’Neal



150419 Jeri B.



150419 Denise Erickson



150419 Charles Osborne



150419 David P.



150419 Bob Tate



150419 Arthur Fast



150208 Wayne E.



150208 Todd Kraner



150208 Randy T.



150208 Mark Slasor



150208 M. Kelly



150208 Karen Miller



150208 Kyle Sweeney



150208 Jennifer Faz



150208 Jonathan Ballesteros



150208 Jeff Szekely



150208 Jeff Addison



150208 Ivan Paxton



150208 Diana Easley



150208 Heather A.



141116 Will E.



141116 Todd E. Richards



141116 Reuben & Carol Rosofsky



141116 Jeremy E.



141116 Anita S.



141116 Jason Estes



141116 Bo T.



141102 Philp V



141102 TJ Princiotta



141102 Patsy Clark Peters



141102 Ikea Hamilton



141102 Joe Caputo



141102 Jessica Cornelius



141102 Chris Rydbom



141102 Harold Matthews



150125 Jeff Ley



150125 Gary Sarge Gistinger



150125 Elaine Bright AIA LEED AP



150125 Don Derby



150125 Beth Turner-Graziano



140720 V. K



140720 Les Botham



140720 Sean T. Duley



140720 Tapan Trivedi SacramentoRealEstateClub.com



140720 Pat J



140720 Malcolm Vaughan



140720 Josh & Rebecca Fulenwider



140720 Eric Kottner



140720 Jeff Miller



140720 Isak H



140720 Dave Sanchez



140720 Cynthia Weinel



140504 Steve Carlson



140504 Terry McManus



140504 Sam Maropis



140504 Randy Mellinger



140504 Pablo Uresti



140504 Gina C



140504 Josie Galindo



140413 Judy Cooper



140413 Ron Anderson



140413 Liz D



140413 Donna S



140413 Debbie Lockhart



140413 Charles Nelson



140413 Brant C



140413 Adam Skyles



140413 Anne C



131110 Albert Gamelon



131110 Tom Prevost



131110 Richard



131110 Jo Ann C.



131110 Jake Mensing



131110 Hasheem Whitmore



131110 David Granzella



130714 Zuzana Paryz and Olga F.



130714 Vickie T.



130714 Suzanne S.



130714 Steve



130714 Steven T. Silva



130714 Robert Blake



130714 Ray Cobb



130714 R. Cariens



130714 Patrick Noonan



130714 Kim Baiyee-Cody



130714 Jim Edenfield



130714 Karen S. Whitwood



130714 J. G.



130714 DeDee



130714 David VanSteenkiste



130714 Bryce Wilson



130714 Ben E.



130714 A. Prentiss



130422 Kim Post



130422 Jamison W



130422 Dave Meekhof



130422 Brian Z



130217 Mike Jacobson



130217 Jenneill and Carl D



130217 Dino B



130217 Bob H



130217 Trent Moyer



130217 Sherrod S



130217 Bill S



130217 AZ



121104 Rick Pratt



121104 Kathleen Kitagawa



121104 Jim Tusko



121104 Grace G



121104 Dennis Roe



121104 Brenda Daniels



121104 Aaron Berryman



120624 Vee N



120624 Tom L



120624 Ron Strehlow



120624 Mike P



120624 Mike L



120624 Lee M



120624 Ken Hopsicker



120624 Kelly P



120624 Katy Fleming



120624 Karen Johnson



120624 Jerome R Parris



120624 Jeff L



120624 Hugh Maclennan



120624 Gary P



120624 Daria Serna-Brooks



120624 Chip Heldman



120624 Chico S



120624 Charlie Ooley



120624 Calvin Newton



120624 Beth Hale



120422 Lynn Barnes



120422 Esther C.



120219 Andrea Tolbert



120219 Marina



120219 Ken Schaffer



120219 Elisabeth



120219 Charly Zink



120129 Terrann Gillespie



120129 Selina Stoller



120129 Robert Jordan



120129 Lucy Brenton_ Indpls_ IN



120129 Jeanne S



120129 Harvey Levin CCIM



120129 Dorn Just Dorn



120129 Dino Klein



111106 Joshua Van Dyke



111106 John Bloxham



111106 Kevin Norton



111106 Lia Tutt



111106 Mei Huang



111106 Willa P



111106 Yohanes Makbur



110820 Barry Blocher



110820 Bob Horose



110820 Brenda Uitts



110820 Chico Serna



110820 Clayton Shaffer



110820 Cliff Bravin



110820 Daria Serna-Brooks



110820 David T.



110820 Jeff Clayton



110820 Jeff Mangus



110820 John R.



110820 Kathleen Freebern



110820 Kathy T.



110820 Kevin L. Hutchison



110820 Mike Cranna



110820 Nan Keehner



110820 Peggy Shupe



110820 Phil L.



110820 Tony Spandrio



100522 Max J



100522 Mary Ann Olson



100522 Luis LaRotta



100522 John Bankson



100522 Christophe A



100425 Tom Dickey



100425 Scott McCaig



100425 Rob Mahony



100425 Raynard E



100425 Mary and Mel Martinez



100425 Kris G



100425 Kevin Hutchinson



100425 Doug Till



100425 Dave McBeth



100425 Cheri H



100425 Bob and Dee Clark



100425 Barry Blocher



100425 Alex Cedillo


I really enjoyed myself. I found the course to be more than I expected with regards to information. I thought the instructors did a great job. I felt information given was based off actual and current scenarios. The no BS stuff was OUTSTANDING! Great Conference! Ta’Mara Aarin – Woodland Hills, CA

Very few of the seminars where I can sit to- no fluff- all real. After taking this, I feel I can buy many buildings starting tomorrow. Any of the competing speakers don’t even come close. Pritam Sinha – San Jose, CA

Apartment buying mastery course is an intense program that has given me the real world tools and the confidence to engage the real world of apartment buying and investing. I am very excited to put into action everything I’ve learned. Roger Marsh – Pleasanton, CA

My name is Rosario Martinez. For me as a beginner has been the best course I have taken in RE. All the trainers are experienced and friendly. All the concepts were well explained and now I am very excited about being a successful RE Investor with my husband in Apartment Investing. Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge. Rosario Martinez – Mountain House, CA

In 20 years of investing, taking classes and going to seminars, I have never taken a better class! The information was based on the instructor’s direct experience and immediately helpful with my investments. I will recommend this class too many other investors. Leo Wiita – San Jose, CA

This is a great class that goes into the nitty gritty detail on everything you need to know about investing in Multi Family Properties. Niraj Rana – Union City, CA

The best Multi-unit class I have ever taken. It goes into the details, so you can start working on deals after the bootcamp. Now I feel the confidence to take action. Phenomenal Team of Instructors! Raul Alvarez – Mountain House, CA

This Multi-unit mastery course was excellent. This gives you a full understanding of what to do, where to start, and actually go buy a building NOW. Swanee Heidberg – San Ramon, CA

The material presented by George Antone and his team was highly relevant to my needs and goals in apartment building investments. There was a high degree of interaction between the instructors and trainees including work group sessions, Q&A sessions and hands-on analysis of real and current apartment purchasing opportunities identified in the class on the internet. Geoffrey Smith – Walnut Creek, CA

I learned a lot on this 3 day seminar because it’s direct; the template provided simplified the whole process of analyzing deals and making an offer after that. The presentation is balanced with educational background on one end, and experience on the other. After this seminar, I’m confident to be able to make my first deal without fear of anything. Thank you guys, I will definitely be on your team and I believe in what you’re doing! Genaro Paed – South San Francisco, CA

As a beginner and someone that has no clue about the seminar world, I spent a lot of money on out of state gurus that I went broke. Even though I learned a lot from all these gurus I still have so much fear and anxiety to move forward. But because George’s (and partners) classes are based on partnership and teamwork, as a beginner I’m able to make professional real estate deals (purchase apartments complexes) by being able to analyze deals like a very sophisticated RE investor. George teaches you how to be successful and make deals instead of just giving you a bunch of information without any support so that you will fail and drop out from your dreams. Chris Valdez – Union City, CA

I have attended several expensive seminars on Real Estate Investing. I have learned a lot, but this seminar really delivered! You gave us real time information. For the first time, I actually feel like I can leave a seminar and ‘do the deal’. Fabulous! Carol A. Core – Denver, CO

I am brand new to real estate investment and although this was supposed to be a “higher level” course, it was presented in a way that I was able to understand. Furthermore, I have no doubt that I can and will utilize this information to propel me successfully into my investment career. Mark Mitchell – Boulder, CO

With the awareness that greed & control motivates most individuals and organizations in this country, especially those related to education, these three days of learning was the most powerful, useful information I have ever received in such a short period. Your commitment to improving the awareness and freedom in the world especially in the financial arena is unique & special. I am looking forward to further partnerships on-going. Alan Bolotin – Lyons, CO

The information taught in this class can really help you get an apartment. You get to form a team with like-minded individuals so that you don’t have to do it alone. Anthony, David and George are available to help you if/when you get stuck or have follow-up questions. There is so much information shared, teamwork and support that the only way you wouldn’t succeed is if you didn’t try. Kristianne Serrano Replogle – Santa Clara, CA

The Apartment Investing Mastery course is the best structured educational program I’ve taken on investing. It combines detailed instruction on critical subjects other courses don’t include with active participation that reinforces the material. I believe there is no other course that will get its participants into the game as effectively. G.O. – Sunnyvale, CA

This is the class to take for those who commit to owning part of an apartment building. Logical, experience based, & on-going 8 week supportive follow-up. All the instructors care completely about us getting maximum value and one actually bought us lunch. Fun, organized, and filled with like minded people to take advantage of group energy to deal with any obstacles to owning a cash flowing apartment building. Robert Coleman – Lafayette, CA

Great class for everyone looking to get started in Apartment investing. The class is small and focused on real issues. The class explains about how to look for and find issues to protect yourself. Also, having all three instructors explaining the subject from their point of view is great!! Recommended for anyone who is really interested in Apartments. Gary Buchanan – San Jose, CA

It was great to take this class a second time. (Students may retake our AIM class for a significantly reduced rate.) I discovered how much we learned in the last 6 months from the 1st class. There is a much deeper appreciation of the process, the possibilities, and the distinctions (esp. quick analyses, negotiations, locating properties, due diligence.) The biggest insight is how important it is to work within a team and gain confidence together in pursuing apt. deals. Shu-Hsien Ho – CA

Having taken the class a 2nd time, I would definitely recommend it. (Students may retake our AIM class for a significantly reduced rate.) After absorbing the material the first time and very close to completing a deal, the material makes sense. Royd Hatta – Mt. View, CA

This is an excellent course in Apartment investing. The three instructors are experienced apartment investors from three different states that clearly explain what they are doing right now. They clearly explain all of the steps necessary for a profitable Apartment investment such as; finding apartments, evaluating the profitability, making the offer, negotiating the terms, financing, closing and most importantly walking away from deals that are not cash-on-cash profitable. All of the course material is required before you consider buying apartment. The check lists alone are worth twice the price of the course. James P. – Saratoga, CA