Deal Structuring Workshop

Learn How to Raise ALL the Money You Need, How to Structure Your Deals & How to Split Your Deals w/Partners!!

We Improved our Deal Structuring Class!

One of my Inner Circle Coaches, Scott McCaig, is not only going to be taking over for me teaching this class – but he added an extra day and packed it full with information designed to help you be the most successful at getting the investment results you are looking for!
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Do you know how to compensate credit partners, experience partners, money partners, etc? Do you even know all the people you may need in your deals to be successful? Do you have the right software to help you successfully analyze and ‘split’ your deals?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, you need to be in Denver on August 4th-5th to learn this training that will get you on your way to better deals and higher profits!

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