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2025 Fiji & British Virgin Islands
Catamaran Trainings
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A Once In A Lifetime
Will You  Be Next?
Our Catamaran Training is an amazing interactive training experience that not only gives you a chance to learn about how to make money in commercial real estate investing, but you also get the chance to explore an amazing location as well!

(in some locations the dives aren't included due to government regulations)

Testimonials From Our Recent 2024 Fiji Trip
"...To be able to come here and train and learn in such an amazing setting and have beautiful snorkeling and a fantastic crew on the boat, it's just second to none and we really can't wait to get the chance to do it again......"
 - Lindsay & Robert 
"You know, you think you come here for the journey of just the learning, but genuinely you come here to change your life."
 - Robin & Brett 
"...I don't think I've ever had a better week in my life and we've traveled extensively...and I would definitely encourage anyone that's considering this trip to do it..."
 -Rick & Dianah 
Check out the deets
The education of a lifetime is just a few clicks away! Check out the prices below for the different Catamaran trainings and then sign up today!

Your tuition covers your training, workbook, your sleeping cabin on the catamaran, all of your on board food prepared by our own personal cook, and 2 dinners eaten on shore!!

It also includes all of your on board beverages, such as; soft drinks, bottled water, and even your alcohol, including local beers, wine, and 'harder' choices, and all taxes and crew gratuities.

The only thing that is not included in the price below is your airfare and transportation to and from the catamaran, taxis, deperature taxes and the food and beverages you purchase on short shore excursions.

Payment plans ARE AVAILABLE. You just need to contact us first! Give us a call at 303-745-5525 or send us an e-mail at shannon@successclasses.com for more information

Fiji 2025
March 1-8, 2025
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British Virgin Islands 2025
December 13-20 , 2025
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Inner Circle Members or Previous Attendees

$9,100 per cabin

$8,700 per cabin

AIM Grads

$9,600 per cabin

$9,200 per cabin

All Others

$10,100 per cabin

$9,700 per cabin

Are you ready to join us on a training experience you'll never forget? Contact us at either shannon@successclasses.com or 303-745-5525 ASAP before we are sold out!!!

Come Join Us In 2025 In Fiji
Come Experience A Learning Adventure of a Lifetime and Visit Fiji! Click the Link Below to Learn More About this Training!! 
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Come Join Us In 2025 In the British Virgin Islands
Come Experience A Learning Adventure of a Lifetime and Visit the British Virgin Islands! Click the Link Below to Learn More About this Training!! 
Our Past Students LOVED their experience
"...We really enjoyed it. Not only was the information in the classroom very informative but also the people we met and the sidebar conversations were just incredible. ....It was a trip of a lifetime......"
“If you're thinking about I don't know what I'm going to do I'm on a boat all week, trust me I wasn't sure about it all and I am coming back. Definitely do this, give it a try you will love it!”
“...We had the trip of our life. We got full access to Anthony and all these other investors for the whole week. we were actually able to work a live deal and got all kinds of feedback for things we never thought of. Sue and Anthony are so generous with their time and we recommend you take advantage...”
“...this is a great opportunity to get away, unwind but also learn a lot more about the details you've taken from the boot camp. Nothing better than an environment like this to do so....”
Watch The Videos Below To See What It's Like Training On The Catamaran
Learn About Asset Management & How To Stay Organized
Renting vs Owning...What are you looking for?
Take a look at what it looks like during your typical training while on the catamaran


Are you ready to sign up and join us on this education experience in Paradise? Click on the link below that you are interested in, then, scroll down the page and click on the 'Itinerary' button to read a sample itinerary of some of the exotic places you'll visit during the training.

Click here to learn more about

Fiji March 1-8, 2025

Click here to learn more about

British Virgin Islands December 13-20, 2025

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