Asset Management Workshop

Taught by Sue Chara

You’ve asked for it and we are thrilled to announce our new class, “Asset Management”. Join us in Denver on December 1st and 2nd as Sue Chara will be sharing all of the “must knows” for asset management specifically for your multi-family investments. This unique two day class is for anyone who wants to know what an asset manager does or for any current asset managers who want to improve their performance.

Some of the things Sue will go over in this class are

  • Property Management – Learn how to interview property managers and leave with a list of interview questions to hire the right property management company for your properties.
  • Risk Management – We will review the different areas where your company maybe exposed and ways to minimize the risk while analyzing costs and benefits.
  • Reading Financial Statements – Learn how to make your chart of accounts work for you to providE you with leading and key performance indicators.

Your instructor, Sue Chara, has extensive experience in corporate finance and process improvement. Additionally, over the past three years, she has used this knowledge as an asset manager for multi-family investments.

She has now developed this two-day class to teach students how to excel as an asset manager. Ready to join us? Sign up for this class below!

Workshop Location/Dates in Denver, CO:

June 6-7, 2020 & December 5-6, 2020

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